Auction Process

We have structured our process to be Fast and Hands Free for you:

Agreement: Fill out the simple online two-page Consignment Agreement, which lays out the terms of the engagement.

Cataloging: We will document and photograph all the equipment to be included in the auction and take care of all the data entry to make your auction live online.

Marketing: We conducts 10 days of nationwide advertising for all auctions, utilizing Search Engine, Email, and Social Media marketing to reach the right audience.

Online Auction: The auction will be live online for a specified period, typically ending after 10 days of marketing.

Collections: We handle all collections using automated online credit card processing.

Pickup & Shipping: We manages buyer coordination, including organizing pick-up days and arranging any necessary shipping or delivery requirements.

Timeline: The overall process generally takes 12 days from the Agreement to Pickup & Shipping.

Payout: Once the auction is complete and all funds have been collected, we will mail you the Payout check.

Visit to see more auctions or get in touch / +1 (864) 419-1825 to learn more about how we can help you sell your equipment.

By following these steps and utilizing our services, you can effectively auction your equipment with ease and reach a wide audience of potential buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set a Reserve Price

No, all auctions are run as Absolute. Recent research by professors in the Management and Organizations Department of the Kellogg School of Management show that low rather than high opening bids — for a variety of products in online auctions—generate high selling prices, demonstrating a reversal of the anchoring effect. Read the full article here >>

How much do you charge ?

Please contact us for more details, or +1 (864) 419-1825

Do you pick the equipment up ?

No, all auctions are conducted on-site at your restaurant or storage. By not moving and warehousing your equipment we're able to lower any logistical costs and maximize your return on the auction. We come to your location to catalog then return after the auction closes taking care of all buyer coordination.

How much is my equipment worth ?

When selling at an auction there's always a wide range of results based on a number of factors including Age, Condition, Cleanliness and more. We are however happy to give you an estimated range based on our years of experience.