How To Buy Equipment

The first time you participate in an online auction it can be anxious for some people but after you get the basics down you can really enjoy the experience. Below is a brief guide to step you through the sign-up and bidding process. If you ever have any questions doen't hesitate to get in touch, or +1 (864) 419-1825.

Step 1. Create A Free Account With

1. Click login/new bidder at the top of the current auctions screen.

2. Click on the "REGISTER HERE" button to register.

3. Next enter your personal information and create a User Name and Password. (Please keep your password in a safe place that you can find it. Password is case sensitive.

4. You will be asked to enter your email and confirm your email. Each email can only have one account.

5. Once you have created an account you will be able to login to your new account.

TIP:  Before you register for an auction please always read the information provided;

Step 2. Register With The Auction

1. Go to and log-in. You can then register for the auction you're interested in.

2. At this time you will be asked to register with a credit card to verify your identity. We will not charge your credit card to register. Your credit card on file will be automatically charged for the lots you win at the end of the auction.

Note: If you have any trouble registering your credit card with the system please call the Hibid Bidder Resolution Team at +1-844-775-4774.  Madalyn doesn't have direct access to you credit card information for your safety.

Step 3. Bid On The Auction

Now you are ready to place a bid. There are two ways to do this.

  A. You can bid to the next increment. Bidding is set up with predetermined bid increments. (As the price increases so do the bid increments) .

  B. You can place a Max Bid. You are able to put in your max bid and the auction software will bid on your behalf. You will only be charged the final bid amount not your Max Bid.

TIP: In the Lots title you will see an Equipment Condition Key: [TW] Tested & Working! - [WWR] Working When Removed! - [O] Other see Description - No Key means Untested ... This will help you understand our knowledge of the equipments condition.

Note: The auction uses a staggered closing which means lots close 30 seconds after each other (eg. Lot 1 closes at 6pm, Lot 2 closes at 6:00;30pm, Lot 3 closes at 6:01pm etc).

If there is active bidding in the 2 minutes before the Lot closes the time will be extended 2 minutes, this protects you against bid sniping.

What Happens Next ...